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What to duo When All Your Important Time sensitiveShit Break$

Written by Dan on March 1, 2013.

Not unlike the first unbearable moments in your racist Uncle’s holiday tirade.

I’m Leaving You’s top intern technicians are on the disk failure case, humping the keyboard with 42 different and completely unpredictable applications running.
Please stand by while Episode 7 figures it’s shit out (waits for you to admit to your significant other what you dream about when traveling in other cities).

Probability sezzz: Have a beer for your beer, wear a raincoat in the shower, and just assume the Universe will get you the second you come up for air.

Episode 7, delayed but still in love, will be available for disgusting and effortless consumption on March 2.

Hands deep in the voodoo,

The ILY Team

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