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And now: the history of ILY in 90 sweet seconds.

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  • oooooh boy

    Not unlike the first unbearable moments in your racist Uncle’s holiday tirade. I’m Leaving You’s top intern technicians are on the disk failure case, humping the keyboard with 42 different and completely unpredictable applications running. Please stand by while Episode 7 figures it’s shit out (waits for you to admit to your significant other what …Read more

  • You'll get your wish soon enough.

    JANUARY A couple weeks in you have a dentist appointment and realize you don’t fit in at your dentist. They’re too nice. The lady, who looks exactly like someone’s wife, apologizes every time she thinks it hurts. You know how to reciprocate that kind of thing ok. You say, “It’s OK, it’s ok, it’s fine,” …Read more

  • Dec 21

    Last Minute Shopping Tips

    Written by Dan

    ~Please feel free to print the image and hang it up around your work place. Bonus +20 if you put it up after the 25th ~ Shopping Tips PDF

  • thumb_livefromAWW_pt2

      Above you’ll find I’m Leaving You’s performance during the second half of our evening at the DC area literary event, As Was Written. The organizer of the event approached us a few minutes before the second act and said, “Good luck out there”, which was followed by a wink. We took the wink to …Read more

  • thumb_livefromAWW

      I’m Leaving You does not frequently dabble in the land of live performance. However, we were recently invited to perform a two part piece for the DC area literary event, As Was Written. The event, having seen so much talent on its stage over the last few years, gave us a healthy level of …Read more

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